Roll With Advantage

Rolling onto Aussie tabletops since 2018

Six years ago I found myself disappointed with the variety of dice available to Aussies - to say nothing of the frustrations brought about by weeks long delivery times and exchange rates. So I started Roll With Advantage as a way to make the fun dice available in the rest of the world more accessible to my fellow Australian gamers.

We are proudly:

  • Woman owned and family operated

    When you shop at RWA you are supporting a small, family run, business!

  • Based in Melbourne, Australia

    No drop-shipping here, all of our stock is held on site at our Melbourne HQ.

  • Committed to 5 star customer service

    We're around (almost) all day every day to ensure you have to best possible shopping experience.

No, we don't make the dice ourselves. But we do:

  • Work with a range of suppliers ioncluding HDDice, Top Imprint, SG Crafts, CLC, Chengshuo, Udixi, and Bescon Dice to curate a range of more than 150 products that we are proud of.

  • Work with Australian photographers to shoot product and creative photography.

  • Source THE SOFTEST, most luxe feeling dice pouches you've ever held - and add one for every individual dice set that's ordered (as long as we have them in stock!).

  • Pick, pack and wrap every. single. order. with love and care.

Our Commitments

Commitment to You

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns you can email us at

Wondering about out Privacy Policy? You can find a link in our top navigation bar and in our website footer.

We strive to provide the dice you want at a reasonable price in a reasonable time frame – that’s why we review our prices and shipping costs every two months.

Rewarding our Customers

We also love to reward our customers! Our Free Shipping over AU$125 offer is able to be combined with one (1) other coupon, for example, our welcome offers.

When you shop with us, or sign up to our newsletter, you'll receive regular offers for a bunch of different promotions. This means you might have access to more than one active coupon at a time.

Unfortunately, the Shopify checkout system only allows for use of one coupon at checkout, so we recommend always considering your options and picking the coupon that offers best value to you.

Another way we reward our customers is through our Dice Dollars rewards program, where you'll earn $2 for every dollar spent at RWA. In return, we ask that you only create one account per person. If you have forgotten your log in information, please contact for assistance. Roll With Advantage cannot merge accounts or combine points from multiple accounts.

Commitment to the Environment

Where possible, we package our orders in biodegradable or recycled ocean bound plastic mailers.

We also do our best to minimise the use of excess plastic in our shipments by providing dice either in their original packaging (eg. Chessex) or in free, reusable, gauze or "mink feel" velour bags (subject to availability).

For our larger orders that require a bit of extra padding, we either recycle packing materials that come to us with stock deliveries, or use 35% recycled bubblewrap.