Rolling in Style: Caring for Your Sharp Edge Dice Set

Rolling in Style: Caring for Your Sharp Edge Dice Set

So, you've got yourself a beautiful sharp edge dice set, and you want to keep it in pristine condition? You've come to the right place. In this blog post, we're going to explore how to pamper your dice and the surfaces they roll on, to keep your dice stunning and scratch-free.

1. Keep It Clean and Dry

Like any cherished possession, your sharp edge dice set deserves some tender love and care. First things first, make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your dice. Oils, dirt, and moisture can cause damage over time and affect the readability of the numbers. So take care if you're snacking at the game table!

2. Roll on a Soft Surface

The sharp edge dice are no joke, and if allowed to roll free, can lead to some minor scratches on surfaces (or each other). Use a soft, padded surface to roll your dice.  Avoid hard surfaces like glass or wooden tables, as they can lead to unsightly scratches or dents on your dice and the table.

3. Embrace the Dice Tray

Dice trays aren't just for aesthetics; they're your dice's best friends. They keep your dice contained and prevent them from careening across the room. More than the dice tray, a felt-lined box, or a specialised gaming mat are all great options. Plus, they provide a soft landing, so those precious edges don't take a beating.

4. Don't Throw Them Like Bullets

Resist the urge to chuck your dice like they're on a mission to save the world. Rolling your dice gently is not only more elegant but also easier on the dice themselves. Fast rolls can lead to nicks and scratches.

5. Avoid Hard, Uneven Surfaces

Your dice won't thank you for rolling on rocky terrain. Uneven surfaces can cause dice to land at awkward angles, potentially damaging their edges. Stick to a smooth, flat, and dice-friendly playing area.

6. Store Them Safely

When your dice aren't in use, store them in a protective case or pouch. Sharp edged dice are best stored in a dice case that keeps each die separate from one another. Sharp edge dice in the same set aren't always safe from each other! This prevents them from gathering dust, scratches, or unwanted dings. Give them a cosy bed to sleep in when their hard work is done.

7. Celebrate Their Uniqueness

Every scratch and wear mark on your dice tells a story. It's a record of your adventures and epic battles. So, don't fret if your dice show a little wear and tear; it's a badge of honour!

Taking care of your sharp-edge dice set is all about treating them with love and respect. They're not just tools for gaming; they're tiny works of art that deserve to be protected and cherished. So, roll them gently, store them safely, and share the joy with fellow adventurers. Your dice and your gaming experience will thank you for it. Now, let the epic adventures continue, one carefully rolled die at a time!

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