Super Soft Dice Bag


Super soft, mink feel pouch suitable for one set of polyhedral dice.

One of these pouches will come free with each dice set purchased, but here they are in case you need an extra one or two.

One size only, approx. 9.5cm x 8cm.

Top Row: Gold, Black, Grey, Brown

Middle Row: Purple, Blue, Green, Aqua

Front Row: Red, Pink, Wine

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan Heaton
All Around Great Product!

Imagine getting a set of dice that look amazing, well thanks to RWA I have more than a few. So I bought a bulk amount of dice bags - they are soft, protect my dice and look great 10/10 would recommend.

Lucie Bauer
Great quality!

So soft and arrived so fast! Perfect!

Cory Blue

So soft, with a texture almost like a fluffy blanket more than anything. Intended to hold a single set of dice, which makes it great for filling your dice bag with dice bags ;)

Good price and great quality

absolutely love it. Made of high quality material at a good price. Perfect size for a full set of D&D dice. Absolutely recommend purchasing from them.

Perfect dice home

They are gorgeous with a great range of colours and I love having an individual home for each of my dice sets, reminiscent of a little coin pouch. They do fit two sets if necessary as well. Also, SO SOFT :)