Transgender Pride Flag Polyhedral Dice Set - Trans Dice

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Roll with Pride vol. 2 Transgender

Translucent Blue and Pink layered dice with Gold numbers, inspired by the Transgender flag.

This is a complete set of 7 polyhedral dice; d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12 and d20. Colours and pattern may differ from images due to production process.

Note: we are not affiliated with Heartbeat dice. These dice do not feature the heart on the d20.

Customer Reviews

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Love these

Really happy with the trans flag dice set - they look pretty much exactly as they do in the photos, and I received them really quickly. Thank you :)

I love these dice.

These beautiful clear dice mean a lot to me. I've only used them in a few games so far but i'm already irrationally attached to them. As a trans-person who isn't fully out yet it just feels awesome to have a subtle but meaningful symbol of who i am whenever i play D&D. I get a thrill every time i roll them. Thanks for making them!!

Sean Dennis
Pretty dice for an ally

These dice are very pretty! They roll well too. The yellow inking means that they're easy to read. These are such a great way to have fun and show that I'm an ally at the same time.

Jett Schultz
bought as a gift for a friend, he loves th...

bought as a gift for a friend, he loves them!

Mallory Miller
Only downside is that the color is not as...

Only downside is that the color is not as vibrant as it appears in the photos. Def not worth knocking a star off though! Still great dice.