Asexual Pride Flag Polyhedral Dice Set - Ace Dice

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Roll with Pride vol. 2 Asexual

Translucent Black, Grey, Purple and White dice with silver numbers, inspired by the Asexual flag.

This is a complete set of 7 polyhedral dice; d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12 and d20. Colours and pattern may differ from images due to production process.

Note: we are not affiliated with Heartbeat dice. These dice do not feature the heart on the d20. These dice are made of plastic.

Customer Reviews

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Bought this set and a few others. Absoloulty amazing and a perfect way to express myself :) These and all the effort they put into the package was amazing (I even got a note). I HIghly recomend this company for all your dice needs as they are amazing im very happy with my purchase :)

Sean Dennis
Great Pride!

These dice are aesthetically pleasing. The inking contrasts the colours for great readability. I've really enjoyed rolling them!

Rosetta Kautzer
These dice are wonderful! The bag they cam...

These dice are wonderful! The bag they came with is so soft, and the colors were just as presented in the product images. My ace bards will roll more confidently from now on!

Kayla Ratke
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Megan Waelchi
Perfect dice for an ace!! :)

Perfect dice for an ace!! :)